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Woodburning stove

Pellet stove

Combi stove

Flame appearance

Traditional fireplace display, with the charm of a natural log fire.

Attractive, constant flame display. Modern and very cosy.

As you prefer – depending on the fuel.

Background noise

Crackling and popping of the logs.

Extremely quiet, probably even the quietest on the market. 

Very quiet system sounds.


Replenishing the fuel

Woodburning stoves are filled manually by adding logs. 

With pellet stoves, the pellet tank is filled with pellets manually. The material is conveyed into the combustion chamber automatically. This permits many hours of operation without replenishing. 

You can choose which fuel you prefer to use at the time. 

Purchasing and storing the fuel

Wood fuel is sold and delivered in cubic metres, for example by local farmers. The logs should be stacked in a dry log store outdoors, well protected from rain and snow.

Wood pellets can be bought by the sack or in bulk from shops or from certified pellet dealers. When stored (usually in a dry cellar) they take up little space: 650 kg of pellets equates to about 1 cubic metre. 

You can choose to purchase whatever you want, based on price and convenience.
Logs are stored outdoors; pellets are best stored indoors.

Handling and operation

The woodburning stove is lit by hand. It is important to follow the correct procedure, which is easy to learn:

How to light your stove correctly

The pellet stove can be controlled fully automatically, even via a touch display or mobile phone.

The combi stove is very easy to operate via its touch display, and optionally via mobile telephone as well. Our combi stove detects which fuel was inserted and regulates everything automatically.

RIKA models

Woodburning stoves

Pellet stoves

Combi stoves