Pellet stoves from RIKA:
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All the benefits of a pellet stove in renowned RIKA quality. Impressive market leading technology and outstanding design.

"Your stove; my passion."
Karl Riener, owner of RIKA

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Continuously variable motor

your stove is going online

You can control your pellet stove whenever, wherever and however you want using RIKA firenet - on any PC and mobile device with internet access. The module connecting your stove to your home wifi is compatible with all RIKA models with touchscreen. All you need is a user account on the RIKA website.

Your benefits:

  • Independent of the operating system or app
  • Easy to use
  • SSL data security
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Continuously variable motor

Perfect peace and quiet
thanks to continuously
variable motor

Operating noises are reduced to a minimum thanks to the continuous
pellet feed and optimised flue gas routing. The intermittent noise
produced by conventional pellet stoves is eliminated with the
continuously variable screw conveyor motor.

Your benefits:

  • Peaceful comfort

Control with touch display

The touch display makes controlling your RIKA pellet stove intuitive and convenient. The clearly structured menu navigation allows you to adjust the heating power and room temperature, as well as changing between the different operating modes. The Setup menu allows you to use additional functions, such as the heating times program, room sensor, and child lock.

Your advantages:

  • Clearly structured menu navigation
  • Control of all functions
  • Convenient programming of heating times
Touch display

Control with SMS

The Warm App allows you to conveniently control your RIKA pellet stove via SMS using the optional GSM telephone control system, even from outside your house. The SMS function allows your stove to be switched on and off, as well as adjusting heating power and room temperature. Your pellet stove can thus heat the house in advance, so that your home is comfortable and warm when you come home.

Your advantages

  • Stove control from outside the house
  • Adjusting room temperature and heating power
  • Accessing the current status of your stove

for minimum effort

The patented, interval self-cleaning system reduces the need for combustion cavity cleaning to a minimum. The TOPO II model is also equipped with a fully automatic, tipping grate ash removal system.

Your benefits:

  • Minimum cleaning work
  • Longer heating periods
Heat distribution

Natural heat distribution
without fan

As with woodburning stoves, the warm air is distributed by means of radiant heat and convection heat. The convection fan usually found on pellet stoves, which raises dust and generates noise, is dispensed with completely.

Your benefits:

  • Pleasant convection heat
  • No raised dust
  • Quiet operation
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Important convenience criteria

  • Extremely quiet, continuously variable, screw conveyor motor
  • Control via touch display or away from home via mobile phone
  • Interval self-cleaning
  • Fully automatic tipping grate on TOPO II model
  • Natural heat distribution with no convection fan
  • No dust dispersal
  • Option: fully automatic control of room temperature with room sensor

Important quality criteria

  • Minimal power consumption, only 16 watts at full heating output
  • Long lasting, high performance ignition
  • Odourless from the very first heating day
  • Heat-resistant, top-quality surface coating
  • High service quality with nationwide customer support
  • Long term spare parts provision

Important safety criteria

  • All safety-relevant parts are made from solid castings
  • Absolutely non-deforming and consequently permanently airtight cast doors