RIKA spare parts

If you require spare or wearing parts for your RIKA woodburning or pellet stove, please consult one of our dealers. To order spare parts, have the name and serial number of the stove model handy.

How to find the serial number:

On pellet stoves, you can find the serial number on the inside of the pellet hopper, labelled as the serial or ID no. (with 6 digits or, in the case of newer stoves, 7). Serial number example
On woodburning stoves, the name plate with the serial number will be either on the back panel of the stove or in the wood storage compartment. Serial number example

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For our Swiss customers, spare and wearing parts for RIKA and HAMEX woodburning or pellet stoves are available from our partner:


Rieben Ofen GmbH
Burgholz 45
CH - 3753 Oey

T: +41 (0) 79 190 93 93


Manuals for woodburning
and pellet stoves

You can find stove manuals in this section: Manuals