Putting sustainability into practice together.

Conserving the environment has always been an important part of RIKA's corporate philosophy, which is why we continuously develop our technologies towards lower consumption and emissions. This is the only way we can meet the challenges of our time and offer our customers sustainable products. Together, through the use of our products, you as the customer and RIKA as the manufacturer can contribute to the conservation of the environment.

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How RIKA contributes to sustainability

  • Being the industry leader in innovation and quality inevitably gives us a different perspective on issues like sustainability, the environment and efficiency.
  • So for us, international standards such as those for emissions represent the bare minimum, not the benchmark. We have a different aim – to achieve the maximum that is possible.
  • All RIKA woodburning and pellet stoves boast values that are significantly lower than those required by law for fine particulates and carbon monoxide, meaning they will be able to be used without restriction in the future as well.
  • They heat efficiently and economically due to Rikatronic³ modulating air intake control, the patented air duct system (RLS) and innovative pellet stove technology, and attain maximum energy conversion efficiency.

How you can contribute to sustainability with RIKA stoves

  • Biomass is produced locally, it grows back, and it permits planning due to its relatively short growth time.
  • Biomass is a renewable energy source and is climate-neutral, because when it burns it releases into the environment only the same volume of carbon dioxide (CO2) that the tree absorbed from the atmosphere during its growth.
  • The burning of residual wood which accumulates from forestry maintenance is a way of using wood as an energy resource which is both ecologically and economically viable.
  • Wood heating systems reduce emissions from fossil fuels and thereby also the greenhouse effect, which is the primary cause of global warming.

How RIKA contributes to sustainability

The Austrian eco-label:
The Austrian eco-label identifies products that are produced sustainably and have very little impact on the environment when used. The Austrian eco-label organisation works to create a better quality of life and quality of environment and to provide companies and the public with clear and transparent information on this subject.


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This environmental commitment is not only put into practice within the company itself, it is also actively conveyed to the outside world. The Green Innovation seal represents RIKA’s voluntary undertaking to fulfil all the requirements for certification according to the most stringent international guidelines, in the interests of sustainability:

  • German Immissions Order (BImSchV)
  • HKI Germany
  • Switzerland's clean air regulations (Luftreinhalteverordnung)
  • DIBt approval in Germany
  • Austrian eco-label
  • VHI + VKF (wood energy in Switzerland)